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Ready to be informed about how Civilizations from Ancient times have reinvented themselves to survive in the Modern Era?

Samuel Huntington (1996) quoted Braudel as he wrote:

Empires rise and fall, governments come and go, civilizations remain and 'survive political, social, economic, even ideological upheavals'. "

The Roman, Greek and Jazeeran civilizations are no longer extant like the Hindu civilization. However, some of these Ancient Civilizations have survived in another form to the 21st Century.

Let us share the research on how these Ancient Civilizations are still with us today!

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Biput has been an educator for more than two and a half decades. He taught the Sciences in South America, The Caribbean, and North America. During this time he had to be a life-long learner to be a successful educator. Even though science was his main focus, he delved into other disciplines as a hobby.

As he moved from country to country, his hobby took on a greater part of his lesure time. The events on Attack on America on September 11th, 2001, led him to take a greater interest in local and international events. Consequently, he enrolled at NYU to study International (Global) Affairs

He has an interest in sharing his knowledge about the current War on Terror and also on similar events that took place in earlier civilizations. A study of the Roman and Greek civilizations has produced insights on present-day terrorism. This plague of the 21st Century need to be understood in the light of past civilizations.


Biput has achieved his Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) and received a Certificate in International/Global Affairs at New York University

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Reinvention of Civilizations

Civilizations are centered on a place of origin. The Roman Civilization centered on the city of Rome. The Greek Civilization centered on the Greek city-states. The Hindu Civilization centered on the Sindhu (Indus) and Ganges Rivers. The Jazeeran Civilization was centered on the Hejaz city of Mecca in the desert of Jazeera (Arabian) Peninsula. Which ones still have their footprints upon our modern world?

The "Lies" they tell us

Communism and the Soviet Union ceased to exist as of 1991 after a 75 year existence. There was a new superpower that was ready to replace Communism and the Soviet Union. A quiet revolution took place 7 years later under the watchful eye of the British Empire, and so the ball began rolling.

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The Roman Civilization had taken over the Greek Civilization. Both Civilizations survived, sects of Christianity. The Western Roman Civilization became the trinitarian and the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) became the Orthodox.

The Jazeeran was destroyed in 1258 A.D. The present war of terror is an effort to merge the religion and politics of the Ancient Jazeeran civilization into a new entity.

The Reinvention

The Western Roman Civilization that ended 476 A.D. was reinvented as the Roman Catholic Christian Church The Protestant Christian Church was a breakaway church from the Catholics after the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 A.D. The church existed as a separate entity in the state...

The Greek Civilization which became a part of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire was reinvented as the Eastern Christian Orthodox Church. The fall of Constantinople (today Istanbul) to the Ottoman Turks saw Russia being the successor state...

The Lies

The Jazeeran Civilization, which ended in 1285 A.D., is now being reinvented as the Islamic Caliphate State that seeks to reclaim lands that were once captured from the Byzantine and Persian Empires by the Caliphs (632-661 A.D.) The effort is to combine the religion and the politics of the Caliphs.

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